Mission Impossible: 4wd, hatchback, under $18k, heated seats


Guyago is adamant that I get a new(er) car, which is probably a good idea since my 13-year old front wheel drive with hardly any brakes left, crappy tires, and dents on every single side and corner not only is an eye sore but is also no match for a Chicago winter….

The other day he said, “Your car is a teenager.” !! Get thee to a used car lot…

So, we’ve been shopping for cars and I want, evidently, the impossible: a 4 wheel drive hatch back under $18k with heated seats. Did you know that unlike in Europe where people have for decades been on board with the small-is-better concept *and* like practical use automobiles, here in the old u.s. of a., people and car makers alike have considered the hatchback appealing only to social security grannies and community college students who don’t need things like heated seats or CD players.

Now that the global gasoline crisis has set in and better fuel economy is the new black, manufacturers have actually produced a couple hatchbacks with such upgrades as interior insulation. But they have also, as good Americans, made them luxury cars. For instance, the Volkswagon GTI… has 4 wheel drive but also some insane sporty chassis that makes it cost just shy of $23k new.

I know this because we went to a Volkswagon dealership last night. I’m not living off social security, but come on… a base level hatchback for almost a quarter of a hundred thousand dollars? Instead, I drove a Rabbit, which starts just under $16k. It comes seemingly fully loaded with seat heaters and cup holders, was terribly fun to drive and small enough that I probably will stop backing into my neighbor’s trash cans, but I am loathe to buy something that is named after a vibrator. Not to mention it doesn’t come with 4 wheel drive.

So, we’re going to go check out Subarus tonight, all of which come with 4 wheel drive standard.

Which brings me to my dilemma: Would you rather drive a car named after a vibrator or one known to be a lesbian car? It seems every car has a personality… and I ask myself, what’s mine???


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  1. Guyago sent me an email saying:

    “I think the new rabbit is $18,995 for the 4 door.

    Also, I think the GTI had a starting price of $23k for the regular version, with over $25k for the 4-wheel drive version.

    Another thing… not all Subarus are known as lesbian cars. They have a bad stereotype that a lot of hippy-dippy lesbians in Vermont drive Foresters because they are really good, 4-wheel drive cars. That stereotype is not really applicable to my FiancĂ©.”

    Okay, okay. I was just joking… We looked at Subarus last night and drove a new Impreza Outback Sport. It’s about $21k…. Back to the drawing board. And Carmax.

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